What to Wear for Your Photos

HELP! What in the world do I wear for my photos?

So, you’ve booked a photo session with Kaylie Ruth Photography. Hoorah! But… what now? What are you supposed to wear? Here are some tips and tricks I use to help coordinate outfits for portrait sessions:


Your outfits should ‘go together’, but they shouldn’t match.

It’s an easy fix for everyone to wear the same ‘jeans and a denim shirt’ in your photos, but this can end up looking dated and, frankly, a bit boring.

For me, it’s always helpful to start with a basic color palette and build everything else in the photo session around that. I find some great color palette inspiration at www.design-seeds.com. Try combining different shades of the same color along with some neutral elements, like this:

maternity portraits denver colorado
maternity portraits denver colorado
maternity portraits denver colorado

Or choose a few neutral colors with one brighter color, like these tans and greens with a pop of red and burgundy.

Patterns: it really depends.

Patterns can be both good and bad. You don’t want to wear such a bold pattern that it distracts from your beautiful family. It’s also important that you don’t have multiple people wearing clashing patterns. That being said, a soft pattern can add visual interest to your photos. When you’re choosing outfits, start with the patterned piece and pull other outfits based on the colors within that pattern.

Accessories and Layers (they can pull it all together)

If you don’t wear huge chunky necklaces in your every-day life and your hubby doesn’t like to wear bowties, it probably won’t look or feel natural to wear them in your photos. But if you love to accessorize, this is a great way to pull your color scheme together and add some variety to your photo gallery. Does mom have a patterned dress with purple, gray, and blue for her maternity session? Pick up these colors by having big brother wear some purple suspenders and dad in a blue button-up shirt.

Adding or taking away layers (such as scarves, jackets, and sweaters) is a simple way to change up the look of your outfit without actually having to change your wardrobe.

Logos Are a No-Go

Avoid anything with a logo or a graphic on it. You want to focus to be on you and your family, not a brand or a cartoon character.

Footwear Matters

You don’t want to spend all this time planning your outfits just to ruin the photo with a pair of dirty sneakers you wore to the gym that morning. Gals, try a fun pair of boots or some cute ballet flats. Guys, some nice loafers or quirky converse (depending on the mood of your photo session) would look great.

Think About How Your Images Will be Displayed 

Are you loving the idea of a large canvas above your mantle? Think about coordinating your outfits with the colors in your décor. If you have a lot of neutrals and pastel blues in your living room, wearing bright oranges and yellows in your photos may not be the best choice. Instead, stick with tones that will complement the laid-back feel of your home.

If you’re ever unsure what to wear for your photos, ask your photographer for help! Kaylie Ruth Photography offers a complimentary wardrobe consultation with your photography session. Check out the other steps in the photo session process, or contact Kaylie to book a session!

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